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Insane Cock Brothers

URL: http://www.insanecockbrothas.com/


How will you explain it? Photomontage? Plastic surgery? No! It simply can’t be real! Tell, have you ever seen a 24-inch cock? No? Then rush to InsaneCockBrothas.com! And these giant dongs are not the most exciting part of the site. The most amazing are the girls. Simple girls that you can meet on the street. No professional porn stars used to taking giant meat, no huge stretched holes – only usual babes that manage to take it! Of course, they yell, weep and beg for mercy but they manage to stay alive – and that’s what makes people curious. We think that that should be seen by everyone – on huge plasma screens all over the city. “Danger! Danger! Girls, be aware – you can meet with almost two feet of fat black meat! Danger! It may be lethal!? =)

Now let’s look into the Members Zone of InsaneCockBrothas.com – there should be something interesting… Videos section made our mouths water. We’ve counted 108 links to different videos including the Insane Cock Brothas themselves. It’s too hard to decide where to go but… OK, let’s stop fucking around and watch what we intended to watch… The models at InsaneCockBrothers.com are really stunning. Of course, it seems to be quite hard to talk babes into getting their holes stuffed by these monsters – but the site organizers are really good at their job!

Moreover, you get access to 40 photo galleries that belong to different subniches. It’s very pleasant to see that all video set of InsaneCockBrothas.com are available in pics as well. One more extra point for the source! The reading room appears to be a real treasury if you enter it – no matter, intentionally or by mistake. That’s very surprising but it not contains not only erotic stories but also dozens of additional photo galleries, sex arcades and toons and much much more. Seems to be a hidden present for a user, huh?! And one thing more – purchasing the membership at InsaneCockBrothas.com you get unlimited access to 24 (!) more first-class porn sites! No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes – 24 bonus sites!

All in all, visiting InsaneCockBrothas.com is considered to be essential for everyone – from babies (something to aim at when they grow up) to pensioners (that will definitely make you horny). So, stop wasting your time and join in!


URL: http://www.insanecockbrothas.com/


is yall stuff that big

helicopter those cocks, bros

LOL!!!!!!! why havent these guys been killed by to much blood in their cocks??


check that where dudes little dick hangs out of the real one.

that shit is so fake.. they should call the site incredible latex limp dick brothas!! hah

thats hilarious! you can see that these dicks r like 3 inches... what a bunch of fucking pussies, I mean having a small penis, no one has a problem with that, not even girls that much of the time, but faking a penis of the size of something documented to only be 13.5 inches, the longest in the world... these guys need to get a life

this site is amazing

I'll tell you what! I agree with them niggers..I use the same techniques on my boyfriends dog. And I get no complaints. ERITE ERITE EITE RIEREI TERITER ERITE...


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